Mark Exley

Mark Exley

Mark has extensive experience in Human Resources, specialising in Reward Management. This includes all aspects of the remuneration package, along with the methodologies and application of relevant incentive schemes. Mark’s experience also includes managing Company car schemes, including duty of care compliance. He possesses well developed expertise in mentoring and coaching, up to and including board level and encompassing all aspects of people management. Mark’s primary objective is to add value to an organisation and make a difference. He gets a real buzz from helping businesses and individuals to fulfil their potential.

In his spare time Mark can often be found on an Athletics track coaching athletes or officiating at matches.

If you’d like to benefit from Mark’s expertise, get in touch using the contact form on the right, or call 01604 763 494. If you’re not ready to pick up the phone yet, read more about our reward management and HR services.

Mark's Recent Blog Posts

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Is it ethical to check if your workers are shirkers?

30th October 2020
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Projects take longer - Collaboration is harder - Training new workers is a struggle

21st September 2020
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In the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, Business needs help wherever it can get it. 

Sport, with its competitive edge, technical challenges and strategic approach can provide a valuable lesson for our economic recovery and ultimate survival.

11th June 2020
HR, interview techniques, business, employment

Let’s begin with a statement of the clearly obvious - 

Hiring the right candidate for a role in your business will make a massive difference to the business’s success.

We can pretty much agree on that. Yet it’s astonishing how many employers take so little care in their approach to the interviewing process.

18th February 2020
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For most workplaces, Christmas is a happy time. Have you managed to foster a family atmosphere within your company or department? If so, then you’ll appreciate what a great time Christmas can be for your people and for your company. Excitement, parties, animated chatter.

16th December 2019
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In the world of recruitment, there’s a commonly used metric that is used arguably more often than any other. It’s called ‘time-to-fill’. This is the number of days it takes to fill a vacancy - from the time the opening occurs to the time the candidate accepts the job offer.

15th October 2019
Attracting and keeping the best employees - expert HR support

We can all learn … especially when it’s a recruitment lesson from the world’s no. 1 beverage brand.

In 1886, a certain John Stith Pemberton invented a medicinal beverage you may have heard of. He called it Coca Cola.

09th September 2019
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An employee leaves you in the lurch - is it time to look in the mirror?

Ghosting - a definition - “the practice of ending a relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

14th August 2019
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Neil had plenty on his mind. It was a summer afternoon in 1969 and things at work had just become - how shall we put it - a little tense.

22nd July 2019