Mark Exley

Mark Exley

Mark has extensive experience in Human Resources, specialising in Reward Management. This includes all aspects of the remuneration package, along with the methodologies and application of relevant incentive schemes. Mark’s experience also includes managing Company car schemes, including duty of care compliance. He possesses well developed expertise in mentoring and coaching, up to and including board level and encompassing all aspects of people management. Mark’s primary objective is to add value to an organisation and make a difference. He gets a real buzz from helping businesses and individuals to fulfil their potential.

In his spare time Mark can often be found on an Athletics track coaching athletes or officiating at matches.

If you’d like to benefit from Mark’s expertise, get in touch using the contact form on the right, or call 01604 763 494. If you’re not ready to pick up the phone yet, read more about our reward management and HR services.

Mark's Recent Blog Posts

How to address post-Covid recruitment in the Hospitality sector, HR, Business, Employment, employees, employer, recruitment

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the hospitality sector arguably more than any other. Many venues have been forced to permanently close their doors. Others have struggled to keep trading. But now, with lockdowns (hopefully) a thing of the past, pubs, restaurants, bars, hotels and a variety of entertainment venues have reopened.

21st September 2021
Softskills, leadership, HR, employees, employment, management, business, emotional intelligence

Your leadership philosophy and the way you approach leadership will have a massive impact on how effectively you lead. Your unique leadership style will be instrumental in determining your ability to develop new skills amongst the individuals in your team.

08th September 2021
Does your organisation have a Well-being Strategy?

Well-being’ – arguably the number one business buzzword of the early 2020s – but the concept is no meaningless, empty trend.

04th August 2021
Hybrid working, employment, resilience, innovation, HR, communication

The world of HR has seen nothing like it. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges and pressures of a totally new kind. Yet the sector has responded with resilience, imagination and innovation … as it surely must. For some firms, the big issue has been how to manage HR issues with the workforce working remotely.

20th July 2021
Employment law, HR, Human Resources, Pub, beer, employees, disciplinary, investigation

You could hardly miss the big HR story of the month. Having been sacked for going to the pub while off sick, a man is due compensation from his former employer, with the dismissal being declared ‘unfair’. 

24th June 2021
Apologies at work, employment, human resources, sincerity, business, HR, employees

You don’t have to be a football fan to realise that something was afoot last month with the ‘people’s game’.

06th May 2021
Employee retention – 9 tips to keep your people engaged and save a fortune on recruitment costs

There’s no argument. Replacing employees is expensive. Whatever the size of your business, if you take into account everything from recruitment to onboarding, the cost of losing your people can be as much as twice an annual salary.

17th March 2021
HR, Job crafting, business, workforce, human resources, midlevel manager, employee engagement

Imagine you’re a 32-year-old midlevel manager - and you’re struggling at work. But nobody would know. You are a star member of the team. Time and again, you hit your targets. You put in decent hours and get on well with everyone at work. The senior managers see you as a ‘high potential’.

28th January 2021
When it’s time to ‘go back to work’ Employer post-pandemic obligations, Human Resources, business, Covid, corona virus

Here at the start of 2021, the dark days are very much with us. But - lockdowns, social distancing and face masks won’t last forever. That’s the good news. With the advent of long-awaited vaccinations, the light at the end of the long, dark pandemic tunnel is glowing ever larger and ever brighter.

19th January 2021
Employment, HR, jobs for all, pandemic, innovation, Austria

As a distraction from the usual pandemic-centred conversations, today’s blog takes into the sunny, optimistic uplands of an idea that’s being trialled in Austria. Our story begins with the pandemic but looks at an innovation that just might revolutionise the world of employment for good.

25th November 2020