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I stood on the gravel, nervously surveying the scene and clutching tightly on to the tray of canapes with which I had been entrusted.  Age 19, and home from university for the summer I had accepted a day-long assignment at the local stately home to assist with waiting on at a wedding reception.

09th February 2016
Human Resources - Employee Purpose

We had a conversation in the office last week, the subject of which we think probably crops up fairly regularly amongst people of a certain age who were young(ish) and impressionable in the early 1990’s.  The conversation concerned the fundamental question:  “What exactly was the point of Bez from the Happy Mondays?”

For those unfamiliar with this 90’s character, Bez was famous for doing nothing other than dancing backwards and forwards and shaking some maracas.  He didn't sing a note. He didn't play an instrument. He would bob around on the Happy Mondays' videos with a wild look in his eyes making faces at the camera.

28th October 2015
Employment Law - Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary investigations come in all shapes and sizes....

We recently assisted an employer with a disciplinary hearing, in which the deciding factor was the manner in which 3 sheets of A4 paper had been folded.  Honestly. 

09th October 2015
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Advice

Do you know how to handle a situation where one of your employees has parted acrimoniously with your company? There are a few options available to you if you think you could be facing an employment tribunal.

14th July 2015
Employment Law - Shared Parental Leave

For many women, the opportunity to take a year off work to prepare for giving birth, having their babies and then caring for them is welcomed wholeheartedly.  Others find themselves longing after a couple or few months, to get back into working life.

09th February 2015
Human Resources - Workplace Illness

As I am recovering from my first cold of this winter (and it was a corker I can tell you!), I am inevitably pondering the impact of the common cold on the workplace.

02nd February 2015
Human Resources - Probationary Period Problems

This is not a blog about (as it may first appear) getting old, or recycled music. It's about HR, and whether businesses may be expecting too much from their recruitment process.

18th November 2014
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Fees

Today, I'm pondering the potential ramifications of next week's hearing in Unison's judicial review proceedings against the Government's decision to introduce fees for people wishing to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

17th October 2014
Human Resources - Flexible Working

With the long-awaited extension of the colloquially known “flexible working” regime taking effect from tomorrow, my thoughts turn, as they often do to the complex nature of the working relationship which is governed by the law, but also influenced by political, economic, social and psychological forces.

29th June 2014
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Fees

Employment tribunal fees may put off weak or spurious claims that are unlikely to win their case, but are you ever really safe from an employment tribunal?

14th June 2014