Investigation and Hearing Services

There are many reasons why an external consultant may be asked by an employer to help with an investigation or a hearing.

  • The matter is complicated, will take extensive investigation and the employer cannot spare anyone to dedicate their time to the matter
  • The organisation is small and many or all of the managers are “too close” to be truly impartial
  • The line manager is not confident conducting a hearing and needs support
  • A disciplinary decision has already been made by the most senior manager in the organisation and an independent is needed for an appeal.

We have a proven track record of supporting businesses with a range of tailored support services in this area.  Employers approach us directly, although increasingly, we are being contacted by their professional advisers – lawyers and accountants – who can refer us with the confidence that we offer a “safe pair of hands”, looking after their clients and complementing their existing offering.

We regularly provide our HR investigation and hearing services to clients in the Midlands, London and the South East.

What we do:

  • We establish terms of reference, including the relevant legal tests where appropriate, so that the employer understands the scope of our involvement from the outset
  • We liaise fully and regularly with the employer and their professional advisers
  • We make recommendations to the employer based on our findings and supported by evidence.

Why us?

  • Our directors have extensive experience in conducting investigations, discipline and grievance hearings and appeals.
  • We have the relevant legal knowledge to ensure we always work to the correct legal tests for the situation with a clear understanding of the relevant standard of proof.
  • We can provide a one-stop outsourced service if that is required, avoiding the need to involve multiple external parties.


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