Human Resources

Your people are a valuable resource and can take up large amounts of your management time. We have a range of HR services and advice to make the most of people management and allow you to focus on growing your business. Using a flexible approach, we will tailor a human resources support package to suit your needs.

With over 50 years' combined experience we have substantial expertise in HR. Whether you require a bespoke project or ongoing support we have a solution for you. You will receive comprehensive support and advice on all aspects of HR from the first steps of employing staff, through the minefield of performance management and to those times when you need to consider dismissing someone. With up to date fully compliant employment contracts and other documentation you can concentrate on your business. You will achieve legal compliance with the supporting policies and procedures to help you confidently manage your staff, together with our expert HR advice to help you on this journey.

If you need HR advice, or support with any aspect of HR that isn't listed below, please contact us to see if we can help.

Human Resources Services

Sickness absence can be a major cost to businesses, estimated in excess of £675 per person per annum. This results in colleagues having to take on additional work which can adversely affect morale if not managed effectively. We can offer absence management support and assistance with short term, sporadic, and long term sickness absence and help you achieve a reduction in the cost of sickness to your business.

In today’s economic climate business restructuring has become commonplace across most sectors, however for many organisations this still remains a difficult challenge. There are several different ways to go about rationalising a business, giving business owners freedom to reshape the business for future development and growth.  However, if not carefully planned and executed, such processes can result in claims of unfair selection or dismissal, and can leave ‘survivors’ (remaining employees) feeling demoralised.

Employers are legally obliged to provide employees with a document that sets out their main terms and conditions of employment within 8 weeks of them joining an organisation. Many employers choose to provide this information as part of a contract of employment. We can help you by reviewing and updating your existing employment contracts or creating new ones to ensure they are legally compliant.

HR Policies provide employees with a structure to promote consistency, fairness and legal compliance. They also provide managers with guidelines to help them manage employees.

Companies are expected to have documented disciplinary and grievance procedures setting out the process for dealing with employee issues. Many employment tribunal awards are not the result of an employer taking disciplinary action against an employee, but because they have failed to follow a fair and legal process.

Recruitment and selection is the first stage of the employment process and is therefore the most critical part of the process. With time and attention to your recruitment strategy, the correct selection decision can make the difference between a significant benefit to your business, or a drain on your management time and resources.

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (referred to as "TUPE") is the main piece of employment protection legislation governing the transfer of businesses or service provisions from one legal entity to another. This legislation sets out the way employees are dealt with when their employer transfers the business in which they work, to another organisation.

Performance management is a key process in managing people within any organisation. Individuals work better when they know what is expected of them and have clear targets to aim for. Performance targets work best when distilled from the main objectives of the business to create a joined up approach to total performance.

Employees are your most valuable asset, and they are at their most valuable when they are engaged, committed and motivated. Employees who feel appreciated and valued deliver improved business performance and research has repeatedly shown a relationship between how people are managed, their attitudes and behaviour, and business performance.

Do your Managers have the skills they need to handle your employees? Effective management skills are essential for getting the most out of your workforce, and every now and again we could all use a helping hand. Management training provides Managers with skills to ensure that employees are treated fairly and consistently.