Employment Law

Employment law is there to protect both sides of the employment relationship and used correctly it can protect and enhance your business. There are occasions where employment law can feel overly restrictive on you as the employer.  At those times, what you really need is an expert in the field who talks your language.

With over 50 years' combined experience working with employment law, we can help protect you from unwitting errors and resolve sticky situations wherever they arise, keeping you out of employment tribunals. You will also receive support and guidance making you more confident in dealing with the impact of employment law.

We don’t claim to have a magic wand, however we can find you a solution that meets your business objectives, such as a negotiated settlement agreement,  without exposing you to unacceptable risk.

Employment law can be complicated and sometimes we have to talk technically. However, we will always explain the reasons for our recommendations in a way that you will understand.

We work with 3 elements to tailor your employment law solution to whatever situation you may face, namely:

- your attitude to risk

- your available management time

- your budget

If you are looking for employment law advice in Northampton or the surrounding area, contact our expert team today. Even if you don’t see anything related to your query on this page, we may still be able to help.

Employment Law Services

There are many reasons why an external consultant may be asked by an employer to help with an investigation or a hearing.

  • The matter is complicated, will take extensive investigation and the employer cannot spare anyone to dedicate their time to the matter
  • The organisation is small and many or all of the managers are “too close” to be truly impartial
  • The line manager is not confident conducting a hearing and needs support
  • A disciplinary decision has already been made by the most senior manager in the organisation and an independent is needed for an appeal.

If you're in business, you already know about risk. Almost every business decision you make carries a risk. If the decision relates to something you know well, you can do your own risk-benefit analysis to inform your decision and carry out risk management.

But what if you don't know your risk? How does that impact on your business?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding written agreement between an employer and an employee in which the employee gives up certain employment rights, usually (but not always) in return for an amount of money. The employee cannot then bring settled claims in the Employment Tribunal.

It's a game you never wanted to play.  Even worse, no-one told you the rules.

The arrival of an Employment Tribunal claim form can have a devastating impact on the day-to-day running of your business, not to mention your bottom line.

Your priority is to minimise the disruption and cost to your business.  That's our priority too. We're here to give you the employment tribunal advice and support you need.