Discipline & Grievance

Companies are expected to have documented disciplinary and grievance procedures setting out the process for dealing with employee issues. Many employment tribunal awards are not the result of an employer taking disciplinary action against an employee, but because they have failed to follow a fair and legal process.

Unfair dismissal claims can result in a significant cost to employers from the potential compensation to the individual, the management time taken, and professional costs of fighting a case.

The risk of claims can be minimised where employee discipline and grievance policies and procedures are fair and reasonable, and applied sensibly and fairly. We can help you achieve this through providing the following support:

  • Ensuring you have robust policies and procedures
  • Advising you on how to manage poor performance or conduct
  • Carrying out disciplinary and grievance investigations 
  • Advising your managers on discipline and grievance handling
  • Acting as an independent chairperson or note taker
  • Training managers on the legal framework and the practicalities for managing disciplinary and grievance cases

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