Dawn Exley

Dawn Exley

Dawn is an experienced, pragmatic HR professional, with a proven track record of operating autonomously using a high degree of initiative. She is passionate about her work and enjoys building strong, lasting relationships. Dawn has a broad generalist background, and her particular areas of expertise include TUPE, organisational change and employee relations. Dawn is highly motivated and is equally comfortable providing support, advice and guidance at senior management and first line level.

Dawn is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

If you’d like to benefit from Dawn’s expertise, get in touch using the contact form on the right, or call 01604 763 494. If you’re not ready to pick up the phone yet, read more about our HR services.

Dawn's Recent Blog Posts

Employee absence, employment law, HR policies, annual leave, absence management

July and August are peak times for employees wanting to take annual leave and it’s likely that you will receive more requests for time off than you are able to accommodate.

06th July 2017
National Minimum Wage, HR, Employment Law, reward management, wage increases

What will happen to the National Living Wage?  

Theresa May has pledged to increase the rate to around £8.75 per hour by 2020, and Jeremy Corbin went a step further by saying that all workers should be paid at least £10 an hour.

03rd July 2017
HR Consultant, HR professional, good HR practices, productivity, business owners

Much as we hate to admit it, HR has something of a reputation for being a little bit boring.  It’s a burden that we’ve carried for many years, and is one that sticks like glue in a lot of circles.

24th May 2017
How To Manage Bank Holidays, holiday entitlement calculation,

Everyone loves a bank holiday weekend.  Extra time with the family, an opportunity to relax, and weather permitting, maybe even a barbecue or two. As a business owner though, long weekends can present challenges.

02nd May 2017
employment law, HR, business owners, national minimum wage, gender pay gap reporting, apprenticeship levy

April is a busy time for HR professionals and business owners. You are likely to be busy tying up any loose ends from the previous financial year and you also need to be prepared for legislative changes that could impact your business.  April is a time when new rules come into force, so we’ve listed below the key changes.

24th April 2017
Gig Economy, short-term contracts, employment law, HR, flexibility

Over the past few weeks, the ‘gig economy’ is something that’s being discussed more and more in the media. Basically, it’s about a labour market that is characterised by lots of freelance work and short-term contracts, rather than permanent roles.

24th April 2017
HR policies, responsible employer, HR management training, duty of care to employees

Many of us like the odd glass of wine with colleagues to put the world to rights, or an informal brainstorming session over a few beers. Some of the best relationships are formed away from the constraints and routine of the office.

18th April 2017
HR, Shared Parental Leave, employment law, maternity leave, flexible working

We know that it can be daunting for a small business when a female employee announces that she’s pregnant – how does maternity leave and pay work? How will we cope without her? What if she doesn’t come back to work? What if she does come back and her child is ill? The questions are endless.

11th April 2017
HR professional, HR Consultant, HR policies, legal compliance, legal requirements

For most employers, the first time you realise that you need some HR policies to ensure you are legally compliant you more than likely carried out a quick internet search and downloaded what you thought you needed from page 1. 

27th March 2017
Employment, online recruitment, Facebook Jobs Feature, business opportunities, HR Consultant,

For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has had a monopoly when it comes to being the social network of choice for recruiters and small business owners on the lookout for top talent.  With changes recently announced by Facebook, will the more ‘professional network’ have a fight on its hands?

22nd March 2017