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Many of us like the odd glass of wine with colleagues to put the world to rights, or an informal brainstorming session over a few beers.

18th April 2017
HR, Shared Parental Leave, employment law, maternity leave, flexible working

We know that it can be daunting for a small business when a female employee announces that she’s pregnant – how does maternity leave and pay work? How will we cope without her?

11th April 2017
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For most employers, the first time you realise that you need some HR policies to ensure you are legally compliant you more tha

27th March 2017
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For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has had a monopoly when it comes to being the social network of choice for recruiters and small business owners on the lookout for top talent

22nd March 2017
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You probably won’t be surprised to hear that a lot the enquiries we receive are from business owners who are experiencing what they describe as ‘a bit of a disaster’.

20th March 2017
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When you receive a blog from an HR consultant about work-life balance, you are probably already predicting what we are going to say.…

13th March 2017
Resignation, employee engagement, key employee, avoid HR disaster, continuity plan

Things are ticking along nicely in your business; employees are engaged, productive, and smashing their targets.

09th March 2017
Managing employees, bereavement leave, HR, employment, bereavement policy

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently announced that her Company intended to double its bereavement leave allowance giving employees 20 days off work to grieve for immediate family members

06th March 2017
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Picture the scene… 

27th February 2017
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Think that you can’t afford an HR Consultant?

23rd February 2017