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Saxon - Live to Rock

This week, as I enjoyed another timeless and phenomenal set from British Heavy Metal royalty, Saxon, it reminded me of all the reasons I love this music and what business can learn from it.

05th February 2015
Human Resources - Workplace Illness

As I am recovering from my first cold of this winter (and it was a corker I can tell you!), I am inevitably pondering the impact of the common cold on the workplace.

02nd February 2015
Human Resources - Probationary Period Problems

This is not a blog about (as it may first appear) getting old, or recycled music. It's about HR, and whether businesses may be expecting too much from their recruitment process.

18th November 2014
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Fees

Today, I'm pondering the potential ramifications of next week's hearing in Unison's judicial review proceedings against the Government's decision to introduce fees for people wishing to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

17th October 2014
Human Resources - Flexible Working

With the long-awaited extension of the colloquially known “flexible working” regime taking effect from tomorrow, my thoughts turn, as they often do to the complex nature of the working relationship which is governed by the law, but also influenced by political, economic, social and psychological forces.

29th June 2014
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Fees

Employment tribunal fees may put off weak or spurious claims that are unlikely to win their case, but are you ever really safe from an employment tribunal?

14th June 2014
Reward Management - Benefits Package

It is common in business for a generous benefits package to be offered to managers. But have you ever thought what value you are getting from what is often a significant expenditure and what is your objective in providing a benefits package? Perception of value is often at odds with the reality of the situation and the answer is in your hands.

04th March 2014
Reward Management - Company Car Cash Alternatives

Over the past 15 years many businesses have given up the Company Car and offered a cash alternative to their staff.  In their eyes, the so called ‘Grey Fleet’ offers a clean and tidy way of absolving themselves of the responsibility of running Company car schemes. But in reality this represents a potentially dangerous strategy.

14th February 2014
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Fees - UPDATE

The High Court this morning handed down judgment in the challenge to the legality of the Employment Tribunal fees regime.  Brought by the Trade Union, Unison, the arguments centred on the restriction of access to justice and the disproportionate effect of Employment Tribunal fees on female claimants.

07th February 2014
Gravitas HR Celebrates Merger With Drinks Reception

Wednesday 22nd January saw the culmination of weeks of organisation for the Gravitas team, with an early evening drinks reception at the Campanile Hotel, Grange Park.

28th January 2014