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Human Resources - Outsourcing HR

What can HR consultancies offer your business, what services can they offer and how might they be relevant to you? Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing to an HR consultancy.

09th September 2015
Employment Law - Employment Tribunal Advice

Do you know how to handle a situation where one of your employees has parted acrimoniously with your company? There are a few options available to you if you think you could be facing an employment tribunal.

14th July 2015
Human Resources - Firing Employees

If I had a pound for every time a Manager said “I’m fed up with Joe Blogs, he’s rubbish; can I sack him?” I’d have a nice little savings pot by now. My response is always the same and offers up a little food for thought.

16th June 2015
business lessons to be learnt from athletics

As Jessica Ennis-Hill starts her bid to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Athletics remains a prime example of dedication, skill, resilience and practical application, all attributes that apply equally to business. So what can business learn from Athletics?

11th June 2015
Human Resources - Losing Employees

You are - at any time - only a notice period away from losing any person’s skills and experience from your business. How can you protect your business from the impact of losing an employee?

20th April 2015
Gravitas HR celebrates an award of funding for digital development

We are delighted to announce that we have secured financial investment from Northamptonshire County Council (in conjunction with Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership) in the most recent round of INV-ENT funding. The matched funding will support Gravitas HR in creating a new CRM system and developing an online HR management product.

02nd April 2015
Reward Management - Sales Pipeline

Over the last few years, expressions have gone in and out of fashion at an increasing rate and business has provided us with a rich seam of meaningless, disposable terms.  My particular favourite is the sales “pipeline”, possibly the most ambiguous of terms and one sprayed about like confetti.

26th March 2015
Human Resources - Employment Policy Overload, HR

Are you feeling weighed down by your employment policies? Many companies are paralysing themselves with unnecessary paperwork of which managers don’t know the content, and employees don’t read.

18th February 2015
Human Resources - Fit For Work Scheme

Employers can struggle with managing sickness absence, especially the question of whether and when to involve health professionals and the potential costs of this. Luckily the Government's free Fit for Work service is now open for business.

10th February 2015
Employment Law - Shared Parental Leave

For many women, the opportunity to take a year off work to prepare for giving birth, having their babies and then caring for them is welcomed wholeheartedly.  Others find themselves longing after a couple or few months, to get back into working life.

09th February 2015