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Human Resources - Workplace Illness

As I am recovering from my first cold of this winter (and it was a corker I can tell you!), I am inevitably pondering the impact of the common cold on the workplace.

Human Resources - Probationary Period Problems

This is not a blog about (as it may first appear) getting old, or recycled music. It's about HR, and whether businesses may be expecting too much from their recruitment process.

Human Resources - Flexible Working

With the long-awaited extension of the colloquially known “flexible working” regime taking effect from tomorrow, my thoughts turn, as they often do to the complex nature of the working relationship which is governed by the law, but also influenced by political, economic, social and psychological forces.

Human Resources Knowledge, HR Audit, attitude to risk,

How many businesses out there see HR as a necessary evil or an unwanted distraction? A basic HR Audit can help them to understand what actions they need to minimise risk and protect the business.