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Dealing With Negativity In The Workplace

If you’re the skeptical type, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a plethora of reasons to feel negative at the moment. The future of the country is up in the air, and the papers are full of tales of unrest and uncertainty. 

Gravitas HR Toolkit, cloud based online HR Software

One of the challenges of employing people is keeping on top of all the paperwork - contracts of employment; holiday request forms; training records; sickness documents; bank details; appraisal forms; disciplinary letters; pay changes ... the list goes on.

HR Advice: Onboarding and Induction Training

I read an article in HR Magazine last week where Lenovo's head of talent development, Maxim Strashun had been speaking at the HR Directors Business Summit about the most demotivating business behaviours and ‘what not to do around employee engagement’.

Management Training HR advice

I stood on the gravel, nervously surveying the scene and clutching tightly on to the tray of canapes with which I had been entrusted.  Age 19, and home from university for the summer I had accepted a day-long assignment at the local stately home to assist with waiting on at a wedding reception.

Human Resources - Employee Purpose

We had a conversation in the office last week, the subject of which we think probably crops up fairly regularly amongst people of a certain age who were young(ish) and impressionable in the early 1990’s.  The conversation concerned the fundamental question:  “What exactly was the point of Bez from the Happy Mondays?”

For those unfamiliar with this 90’s character, Bez was famous for doing nothing other than dancing backwards and forwards and shaking some maracas.  He didn't sing a note. He didn't play an instrument. He would bob around on the Happy Mondays' videos with a wild look in his eyes making faces at the camera.

Human Resources - Outsourcing HR

What can HR consultancies offer your business, what services can they offer and how might they be relevant to you? Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing to an HR consultancy.

Human Resources - Firing Employees

If I had a pound for every time a Manager said “I’m fed up with Joe Blogs, he’s rubbish; can I sack him?” I’d have a nice little savings pot by now. My response is always the same and offers up a little food for thought.

Human Resources - Losing Employees

You are - at any time - only a notice period away from losing any person’s skills and experience from your business. How can you protect your business from the impact of losing an employee?

Human Resources - Employment Policy Overload, HR

Are you feeling weighed down by your employment policies? Many companies are paralysing themselves with unnecessary paperwork of which managers don’t know the content, and employees don’t read.

Human Resources - Fit For Work Scheme

Employers can struggle with managing sickness absence, especially the question of whether and when to involve health professionals and the potential costs of this. Luckily the Government's free Fit for Work service is now open for business.