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Brexit might have created uncertainly for business owners, but the latest research shows that 2017 could be a wonderful year for jobseekers.

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If you’re thinking about working with an HR Consultant, then you probably want to know what the working relationship is really going to look like. 

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According to recent research from Canada Life Group Insurance, ‘presenteeism’ is still a very real issue for UK employers.

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Would you call yourself a ‘reluctant leader’?  Many business owners are likely to identify with this if they are completely honest.

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Rarely a week goes by without a household name hitting the headlines for making a massive HR faux pas.  And it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s all the fault of greedy bosses who are more keen on lining their own pockets than doing the right thing by their loyal employees.

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It’s that time of year when we get questions coming in about Halloween office parties, appropriate costume choices, and how to inject a little fun and joviality into the workplace without letting things get out of hand. 

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The 2016 Rio Olympics was only a few months ago, but for many people, the motivation to get more active is still burning bright. 

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A recent report from the TUC, in association with the Everyday Sexism Project, found tha52% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace

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Analysis from the TUC and the Action for Rail campaign have found that fares have rocketed by 25% over the past six years, while average weekly earnings have only seen a 12% rise.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the latest digital trend to be sweeping the world. Pokémon Go involves using your mobile device to locate and capture virtual creatures, and it currently has more than 100 million users.