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With Mental Health Week taking place in October, there has been much publicity about mental health at work. Sadly, in many workplaces, there’s still stigma around discussing the issue. Certainly, the pandemic has shone a light on workplace mental health.

Agile working – just another buzzword? Or does it have a role to play in the modern workplace?

Agile. A term we hear plenty of these days. Is it just jargon - the next in an unending stream of business buzzwords? Or does the term represent something relevant in today’s HR space?

Let’s try and separate the myth from reality.

What is Agile working?

Managing Extroverts and Introverts in the hybrid workplace - Helping firms to adjust to hybrid working. What are the challenges … and the solutions? Call the HR and Recruitment Specialists

Are you an introvert? How have you found the experience of remote working? Many introverts have discovered that negligible social interaction and the enhanced feeling of independence have made their experience of work more satisfying than in pre-pandemic days.

Does your organisation have a Well-being Strategy?

Well-being’ – arguably the number one business buzzword of the early 2020s – but the concept is no meaningless, empty trend.

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You could hardly miss the big HR story of the month. Having been sacked for going to the pub while off sick, a man is due compensation from his former employer, with the dismissal being declared ‘unfair’. 

Difficult conversations at work – a new approach, HR, employment, employees, SME, business,

Difficult conversations. They’re unavoidable. Your workplace may be the most harmonious of environments. The relationship you have with your most valued client may be productive and resilient. However, situations will inevitably arise when ‘something needs to be said’.

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You don’t have to be a football fan to realise that something was afoot last month with the ‘people’s game’.

Employee retention – 9 tips to keep your people engaged and save a fortune on recruitment costs

There’s no argument. Replacing employees is expensive. Whatever the size of your business, if you take into account everything from recruitment to onboarding, the cost of losing your people can be as much as twice an annual salary.

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If the world of work has learned one thing from the global pandemic, it’s that nothing is for certain. Just think back 12 months. We were all a little puzzled and bemused - perhaps a mite concerned. What was this coronavirus that appeared intent on gatecrashing our lives? How worried should we be? Well, now we know.

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What does Employee Recognition actually mean … and does it matter?

Let’s begin with a standard definition - Employee recognition is the open acknowledgement and expressed appreciation for an employee’s contributions to their organisation.