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For the last couple of weeks, the Gravitas Grapevine has been buzzing with news about Pimlico Plumbers and the Supreme Court’s recent finding against them.

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The women of Ford in Dagenham became heroes because of it.  BBC China Editor, Carrie Gracie, kicked up about it.  

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With the first month of 2018 now behind us it’s time to consider new legislative changes.  

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April is a busy time for HR professionals and business owners. You are likely to be busy tying up any loose ends from the previous financial year and you also need to be prepared for legislative changes that could impact your business.  April is a time when new rules come into force, so we’ve listed below the key changes.

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Over the past few weeks, the ‘gig economy’ is something that’s being discussed more and more in the media. Basically, it’s about a labour market that is characterised by lots of freelance work and short-term contracts, rather than permanent roles.

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We know that it can be daunting for a small business when a female employee announces that she’s pregnant – how does maternity leave and pay work? How will we cope without her? What if she doesn’t come back to work? What if she does come back and her child is ill? The questions are endless.

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Sometimes, you read something online, and think that it can’t possibly be true. Sure, it might make for a funny or thought-provoking story, but you don’t actually think for one minute that it really happened. 

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There are a few things that you are pretty certain of in life.  Death, taxes, and employment law changes and as a business owner it’s important that you know what legal changes are around the corner and how you can prepare for them.

Don't keep secrets from your HR adviser

We occasionally come across a client who seems unable or unwilling to give us all the information we need to advise them correctly.

Some years ago, I had a client in manufacturing who operated an extremely stringent sickness absence policy. There was no company sick pay and the sickness absence policy provided for just 4 incidences of sickness absence before an employee would lose their job for unacceptable attendance.

Employment Law - Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary investigations come in all shapes and sizes....

We recently assisted an employer with a disciplinary hearing, in which the deciding factor was the manner in which 3 sheets of A4 paper had been folded.  Honestly.