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Things are ticking along nicely in your business; employees are engaged, productive, and smashing their targets. Sales are growing and you’re feeling pretty pleased with how you’ve grown and nurtured such a great team. 

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Picture the scene… 

Your business is growing, and it’s time to bring in an extra pair of hands. Excellent! It’s a sign of growth, and it could mark the start of an exciting new chapter for your business.

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Think that you can’t afford an HR Consultant?

Know that you could do with a helping hand with some issues that are bubbling away under the surface, but wondering whether you can really spare the budget?

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According to recent research by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), more than half of workers feel trapped by the rigid structure of their workplace.

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The first few weeks of the new year presents a fantastic opportunity to ensure that your staff are fully onboard with your strategic goals. 

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If you run your own business, then it goes without saying that you’ll want to be the best leader you can possibly be.

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During the lead up to Christmas and New Year, spirits are often high in the workplace. Everyone starts to wind down and look forward to spending time with friends, family and loved ones.

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Sweden has made headlines recently after some companies decided to move to a six-hour working day, in an effort to increase productivity and offer staff a better work-life balance.

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Management Speak is something that plenty of us use regularly without giving too much thought to how it is being perceived by others.

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As we are now well into the final quarter of the calendar year it’s time to knuckle down and make a concerted effort to end the year on a high.  Whether it’s a special promotion to entice festive spending, or a new service offering, there’s still time to end the year on a high.