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communication, leadership skills, words, language, HR

Good leaders take communication seriously. They appreciate that good communication skills are not only among the most critical of soft skills.

31st May 2021
Difficult conversations at work – a new approach, HR, employment, employees, SME, business,

Difficult conversations. They’re unavoidable. Your workplace may be the most harmonious of environments. The relationship you have with your most valued client may be productive and resilient.

19th May 2021
HR, employment, recruitment, post-pandemic, Covid, business, strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused business owners to look afresh at numerous traditional practices … and recruitment is no exception.

10th May 2021
Apologies at work, employment, human resources, sincerity, business, HR, employees

You don’t have to be a football fan to realise that something was afoot last month with the ‘people’s game’.

06th May 2021
HR, collaborative working, workplace, generosity, creative working, employment, employees

The more collaborative we are in our approach to work, the more productive we are. This statement isn’t the product of idle speculation.

29th March 2021
Employee retention – 9 tips to keep your people engaged and save a fortune on recruitment costs

There’s no argument. Replacing employees is expensive.

17th March 2021
Agile working, HR, flexibility, employment, Human Resources,

If the world of work has learned one thing from the global pandemic, it’s that nothing is for certain. Just think back 12 months.

03rd March 2021
HR, employee recognition, effectiveness, reward,

What does Employee Recognition actually mean … and does it matter?

17th February 2021
HR, Job crafting, business, workforce, human resources, midlevel manager, employee engagement

Imagine you’re a 32-year-old midlevel manager - and you’re struggling at work. But nobody would know. You are a star member of the team. Time and again, you hit your targets.

28th January 2021
When it’s time to ‘go back to work’ Employer post-pandemic obligations, Human Resources, business, Covid, corona virus

Here at the start of 2021, the dark days are very much with us. But - lockdowns, social distancing and face masks won’t last forever. That’s the good news.

19th January 2021