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Pay me or else… What to do when employees request a pay rise? Human Resources, Employment, Employers, Business, SMEs, inflation

With the cost of living rising so sharply in the last few months, many employees are looking for a pay increase.

27th July 2022
Rising business costs, HR, employers,  employment shortage, Human Resources

Rising costs are major concern to leadership teams in every business in the UK right now. The financial situation is changing almost overnight and not for the better in recent weeks.

19th July 2022
HR, blame culture, leadership skills, management, HR Consultants, workplace, employment

In a recent blog we discussed how blame culture could stifle success in the workplace and there is little doubt that they are extremely toxic.

29th June 2022
HR, Blame culture, Human Resources, mistake, "only human" leadership, management

We often find business owners asking about blame culture and how stop it. The bottom line is that we are all human and that means at some point we will get something wrong.

14th June 2022
A decade of change and no change – Celebrating 10 years of HR advice at Gravitas HR

It’s our birthday here at Gravitas HR and of course we are celebrating.

27th April 2022
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Human Resources, workforce, employees, employment, Business

Most of us agree that diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace are ‘a good thing’.

04th April 2022
Unemployment, Inflation, HR, Human Resources, employment, stability, UK economy

The UK economy is currently experiencing inflation, the like of which anyone under the age of 40 will have no recollection.

23rd March 2022
HR, Right to disconnect, employment, employees, flexible working, Covid 19, pandemic

One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses has been an increase in the practice of working from home.

14th March 2022
The Four Day Week , HR Consultants, Employers, leadership, productivity,

A few years back, I posted a blog on the (revolutionary) idea of a four-day working week. This was well before the pandemic had even been thought of.

23rd February 2022

One surprising consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the phenomenon known as The Great Resignation. It's an occurrence that's been especially strong in the United States.

02nd February 2022